Good photos are always important to present themselves to the public. Whether it wants to be photographed a photo for the press, good live pictures or because, moved his business premises / company for newspaper articles or advertising from the right light.

Already in the 80s Dieter Hecker worked in the live photography. Customers benefit from a semi-professional photo equipment (DSLR and different lenses) and as a result, low prices compared to a full-featured photographers. We know from experience that it is the live photography is extremely challenging, because the performers on stage often move quickly and partially prevail dark lighting conditions. Here are fast lenses clearly at an advantage, especially if you like us, very photographed without flash to capture the atmospheric, warm colors of the stage light. Still can not affect that all performers on stage at the time of illumination simultaneously have a positive / s facial expression / posture etc. Live photographer.

We therefore prefer to shoot hundreds of live photos per appearance, so some good photos made the selection criteria.


Photos Videos

View live video from the show of each artist are today already have a good sound and is a „must have“.

Through a compact equipment, we can offer small prices.
If video recordings are recorded professional, so we are working with various partners who have extensive, professional equipment, even with multiple cameras, jib crane, etc. and video editing are absolutely fit in the field.
This allows us to respond individually to your needs, from small budget up to the TV trailer everything is covered.

We will be happy to advise, so that you get the best for your money.


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