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The K!nRock Festival is Russia's oldest open air festival and one of the largest in western Russia. The festival logo stands for "Kaliningrad in Rock" and "K!nRock" is the finale of several rock competitions in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Minsk and Kaliningrad. In 2019 it was also an anniversary festival (25th), since it took place for the first time in 1994, even if it was then only considered as an exclusively Kaliningrad rock music meeting. Since 1998 "K!nRock" has had an international character. There have already been participants and guest groups not only from the vastness of Russia and Belarus, but also from the Baltic States, Israel, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Canada, the USA and numerous former republics of the Soviet Union. The hosts pay the fees from a German-Russian culture pot, which, however, is not very large. In addition, it was discovered in 2021 that three people from the circle of the K!nRock Festival were illegally appropriating funds. These people have been identified and the money is being demanded back from them because they tore a hole in the festival's box office.

Dieter Hecker / Ultra Music was in Kaliningrad (Russia) on August 24th, 2019 in his capacity as booker / manager of the band "Iron Horses" who appeared there as co-headliners of the festival and played in front of about 11,000 spectators. A respectful friendship developed between the K!nRock organizer "Andrey V. Feoktistov" and Dieter Hecker, as well as several people from the K!nRock organization team such as Vlad Turik, Roman Twillbard, Alexandr Seagul Kralin. Back then, the organizer offered Dieter Hecker the opportunity to work for the K!nRock Festival.

The K!nRock Festival '20 is to take place from August 27 to 29, 2021, insofar as Corona allows it. The organizer is doing everything to ensure that the K!nRock Festival can take place in 2021. In this context, Andrey reiterated that he would like to work with Dieter. Thus Dieter / Ultra Music is among other things the official scout for the K!nRock Festival and submits his suggestions from bands from Europe, mainly from Western Europe, directly to the organizer "Andrey V. Feoktistov".

Andrey then decides which of these bands will be booked and allowed to perform at the K!nRock Festival. Dieter is available to the bands with words and deeds, helps the bands e.g. with visa applications, is the contact person for questions about the festival and its process, and much more.

Dieter / Ultra Music is looking forward to working with the K!nRock Festival and the many good bands out there in the world that the K!nRock Festival has been waiting for.

In order to be able to enter Russia (Kaliningrad Region) at all, you need:

1. A valid passport with at least 6 months validity from the date of departure from Russia.

2. An invitation from the festival organizer. You will receive the official invitation after the K!nRock organizer has booked you and the contracts have been signed. It can take some time as the authorities in Russia are not always speedy.

3. A visa from the Russian Embassy. Since July 1, 2019, visitors to the Kaliningrad Region have had the opportunity to apply for an electronic visa on the website specially set up for this purpose.

4. A foreign travel health insurance recognized in Russia

5. When entering with a motor vehicle, the international driver's license

6. Customs Regulations (Only available in German language)

7. Carnet-A.T.A. (For Germans only)