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Here you will find photos, videos, Google maps (K!nRock festival site and the hotels), newspaper articles, information, etc. to get an idea of ​​the K!nRock festival.

On the left side are the two hotels "Holiday Inn Kaliningrad" 4 **** and "ibis Kaliningrad Center" 3 ***, in which in 2019 the bands were accommodated. The access to the festival area for visitors, as well as for the artists with their own vehicles / band bus, etc. is on the right side, where the two streets "Moskovskiy Prospekt" and "Ulitsa Oktyabr’skaya" meet. There are security guards / police here who only grant access to people with access authorization. Bands can then drive close to the stage and the backstage area, unload their backline, hand over the merchandise, etc. Only co-headliners and headliners are allowed to drive their vehicles there during their arrival on the festival site until after their show in the late evening leave. In exceptional cases, there is the possibility that the organizer also grants and approves this possibility to another band.

The green area to the left of the street “Ulitsa Oktyabr'skaya” to about “Square on Moscow Avenue” and to the river “Pregel” is the pure festival area with a large stage, secured tents of the organizer and organization team, secured backstage area, merchandising area directly at the entrance of the Festival grounds, sales booths, food stalls, video tent, VIP area with its own cook, and much more. It should be noted that you are not allowed to just step into the organizer's tent. This is only possible after registering with the security team at the tent entrance and only if Andrey allows it and has time. Anyone who gains access is given a warm welcome.

At the end of each festival evening, all artists wait in front of this tent, as Andrey takes about 15 minutes to say goodbye to each artist / band individually. In 2019, Andrey gave every musician a K!nRock T-shirt as a small thank you.

Original K!nRock Website: http://kinrock.ru