EXISTANCE was created at the tail end of 2008 by Julian Izard (lead vocals & guitars) for keeping the musical of the 1980s Heavy Metal alive.

If the last name Izard sounds familiar to the historians among you…well the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Julian Izard is none other than the son of Didier Izard, who was the vocalist of the French speed metal band, H-Bomb.

In 2011, the band recorded and produced their eight tracks demo « Existance ».

The following year, thanks to the demos being well received by both local and international media, Existance managed to play a substantial amount of concerts across France, with occasional forays into Belgium and the Netherlands.

The band sent out their demo to a number of record labels. They quickly received an offer from the German label High Roller Records. A deal was struck, and High Roller re-released the « Existance » demo in April 2012, both on compact disc and vinyl.

As the same time the band announced another line-up change with the arrival of Antoine Poiret (guitars).

2013 was spent writing, rehearsing and fine-tuning and in Sptember, Existance entered the studio to record their debut full-lenght album entitled « Steel Alive ». Recorded and mixed at Boss Hog Studios in Ham en Artois, France. „Steel Alive“ was mastered by none other than Maor Appelbaum in Los Angeles, who in the past has mastered masterpieces by Anvil, Dokken, Halford, Malmsteen, Sepultura. The result…one hell of an ass-kicking album that proves true metal is „Steel Alive“.

April 2014, the „Steel Alive Tour“ began. Several dates have been done, including a gig at PPM Fest in Mons, Belgium with the legendary british band Saxon, Dokk’em Open Air in the Netherlands (with Gamma Ray, Metal Church…) but also supporting acts for Vandenberg’s Moonkings.

In early 2015, together they hit the road with featured appearances in Gremany during the Metal Invasion Fest in Cologne, in Belgium for the opening of Joe Lynn Turner, in Genk. Also, Existance was invited on the french tour of Skull Fist and Evil Invaders.

March 2016, Existance is proud to announce his two new brothers in arms: Niicolas Martineau (Drums) & Julien Robiööiard (Bass).

Three month later the band returned to the Boss Hog Studio for the recording of their brand new album „Breaking The Rock“, once more mastered by Maor Appelbaum.

In October, „Breaking The Rock“ is available on the band’s label „Black Viper Records“ and received great reviews around the globe from Portugal, Spain, Italy, Poland, germany, Brasil, United-states…and more. The self titled song was the first single and was revealed with a video-clip. Some songs were broadcasted on European and American radios.

In November the band signed a deal with the Japanese label „Spirtual Beast“ and „Breaking The Rock“ was released with 3 bonus tracks for the Japanese market: the album was out in December 14th.

In the meantime, Existance started the „Breaking The Rock Tour“ in France and gave their first show as headliner in Belgium.

They also played with Gus G.

January 2017, after playing in two French Festivals (Satan’s Fest and PMFF), the band announced the following gigs for the year, to be continued…!

"Heavy Metal in your veins … Fury in your brain!"


   Julian Izard (Vocals & Guitars)

   Antoine Poiret (Guitars)

   Julien Robbilliard (Bass)

   Gery Carbonnelle (Drums)

Genre: Heavy Metal
Playing time: 60 Minutes

Artist Website: www.existanceband.com


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Existance - Heavy Metal made in France

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