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Many years of experience in the music business speak for me

Dieter Hecker has been active as an organizer, manager and photographer in the music business and for the print media since the 80s and has experienced all the ups and downs that this business brings with it. He collaborated with world-famous musicians, was a musician with you on stage or in the studio, and still remains down-to-earth. In 2015, additional services such as booking were added. Dieter Hecker has enough competence and passion to perfectly represent the interests of the big as well as the smaller artists in terms of artist education and management. First and foremost, I am committed to cultivating personal, friendly contact with the artists and providing them with advice when needed.

The preferred genre is rock all the way to melodic Heavy Metal (Rock, Hard Rock, Hard'n'Heavy Rock, Heavy Metal, BWOHM, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Melodic Metal).

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Competence meets passion

Music is my Passion


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Kick Ass Rock'n Roll

Sweaty, energetic and authentic, the men are at frontman

Sebastian Wegner, a real one

Live hammer!

This is how the band name and the musician merge to become what they are, a rock act that pulls its audience like a steel steed at full steam.


Iron Horses

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