I represent the following bands / artists as their booker and / or manager.

With help and advice I am happy to assist you with the booking of the artists. Together we will find the perfect artist for your event, so that your event will be a success and an experience that will be discussed long after the event. All my artists play qualitatively on a very high level, which underlines the many awards of the artists again and again.

Call me today and get your artist on the date your event takes place before maybe others do. I look forward to your call!

We look forward to your call!



The band "Existance" from France embody the heavy metal of the 80s in its purest form. The band has performed quite a few live performances in recent years and is a guarantee for every festival and every location when it comes to bringing the mood to a boil.

Iron Horses


'Iron Horses' is a German heavy metal band that has its roots on the Baltic Sea. The band was founded in August 2000 by Manuel Arlt, Sven Möller and Sebastian Wegner. The current drummer Gino Röpke joined the band in 2013. The name Iron Horses is inspired by a local steam engine and stands for the trains that drive through the wild west of North America. The first LP Titan 'n' Bones was released in 2007, which received excellent reviews in the press and took the band a big step forward. Because of this record, the band played shows with Molly Hatchet, Rose Tattoo, Alice Cooper, Grave Digger and Doro. In 2013, Iron Horses got a record contract with T-Rave Records and released the LP Black Leather. "This band is definitely not boring" due to the very individual vocal performance of Sebastian Wegner and the powerful, always to the point brought music pieces of his band. Hard and aggressive Rock'n'Roll, rooted in the eighties, paired with wonderful blues-influenced guitar solos.

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