In order to act for you in the booking area, it previously required only once some data / information / files that you please sends us.

These are:

002. ACDAM, Havanna (Kuba)

003. ACUM, Tel-Aviv (Israel)

004. AEPI, Athen (Griechenland)

005. AGADU, Montevideo (Uruguay)

006. AKKA-LAA, Riga (Lettland)

007. AKM, Wien (Österreich)

008. ALBAUTOR, Tirana (Albanien)

009. APA, Asunción (Paraguay)

010. APDAYC, Lima (Peru)

011. APRA, Crows Nest (Australien)

012. Armauthor , Jerewan (Armenien)

013. ARTISJUS, Budapest (Ungarn)

014. ASCAP, New York (USA)

015. BMI, New York (USA)

016. BUMA, Hoofddorp (Niederlande)

017. CASH, Hong Kong (Volksrepublik China)

018. COMPASS, Singapur (Singapur)

019. COSOMA, Lilongwe (Malawi)

020. COTT, Port of Spain (Trinidad & Tobago)

021. EAÜ, Tallinn (Estland)

022. FILSCAP, Manila (Philippinen)

023. GCA, Tiflis (Georgien)

024. HDS-ZAMP, Zagreb (Kroatien)

025. IMRO, Dublin (Irland)

026. IPRS, Mumbai (Indien)

027. JASRAC, Tokio (Japan)

028. KAZAK, Almaty (Kasachstan)

029. KCI, Jakarta (Indonesien)

030. KODA, Gentofte (Dänemark)

031. KOMCA, Seoul (Südkorea)

032. LATGA-A, Vilnius (Litauen)

033. MACP, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysien)

034. MASA, Quatre Bornes (Mauritius)

035. MCSC, Beijing (Volksrepublik China)

036. MCT, Bangkok (Thailand)

037. MESAM, Istanbul (Türkei)

038. Musicautor , Sofia (Bulgarien)

039. MÜST, Taipei (Taiwan)

040. NCIP, Minsk (Weißrussland)

041. ONDA, Algier (Algerien)

042. OSA, Prag (Tschechische Republik)

043. PRS for Music, London (Großbritannien)

044. RAO, Moskau (Russische Föderation)

045. SABAM, Brüssel (Belgien)

046. SACEM, Paris (Frankreich)

047. SACM, Mexico-City (Mexiko)

048. SACVEN, Caracas (Venezuela)

049. SADAIC, Buenos Aires (Argentinien)

050. SAMRO, Johannesburg (Südafrika)

051. SAYCE, Quito (Ecuador)

052. SAYCO, Bogotá (Kolumbien)

053. SAZAS, Ljubljana (Slowenien)

054. SCD, Santiago de Chile (Chile)

055. SESAC, New York (USA)

056. SGAE, Madrid (Spanien)

057. SIAE, Rom (Italien)

058. Sobodaycom , La Paz (Bolivien)

059. Socan , Don Mills (Kanada)

060. SOCOM-ZAMP, Skopje (Mazedonien)

061. SOKOJ, Belgrad (Serbien/Montenegro)

062. SOZA, Bratislava (Slowakische Republik)

063. SPA, Lissabon (Portugal)

064. SQN, Sarajewo (Bosnien und Herzegowina)

065. STEF, Reykjavik (Island)

066. STIM, Stockholm (Schweden)

067. SUISA, Zürich (Schweiz)

068. TEOSTO, Helsinki (Finnland)

069. TONO, Oslo (Norwegen)

070. UACRR, Kiew (Ukraine)

071. UBC, Rio de Janeiro (Brasilien)

072. UCMR-ADA, Bukarest (Rumänien)

073. VCPMC, Hanoi (Vietnam)

074. ZAIKS, Warschau (Polen)

075. Abramus , São Paulo (Brasilien)

076. AMAR, Rio de Janeiro (Brasilien)

077. ASSIM, São Paulo (Brasilien)

078. LITERAR-MECHANA, Wien (Österreich)

079. MSG, Istanbul (Türkei)

080. SADEMBRA, Rio de Janeiro (Brasilien)

081. SBACEM, Rio de Janeiro (Brasilien)

082. SBAT, Rio de Janeiro (Brasilien)

083. SICAM, São Paulo (Brasilien)

084. SOCINPRO, Rio de Janeiro (Brasilien)

085. AMRA, Venice Fl. (USA)

086. ACDAM, Havanna (Kuba)

087. ACUM, Tel-Aviv (Israel)

088. AEPI, Athen (Griechenland)

089. AGADU, Montevideo (Uruguay)

090. AKKA-LAA, Riga (Lettland) via NCB

091. AMCOS, Sydney (Australien)

092. Armauthor , Jerewan (Armenien)

093. ARTISJUS, Budapest (Ungarn)

094. AUSTRO-MECHANA, Wien (Österreich)

095. CASH, Hong Kong (Volksrepublik China)

096. COMPASS, Singapur (Singapur)

097. COTT, Port of Spain (Trinidad & Tobago)

098. EAÜ, Tallinn (Estland) via NCB

099. FILSCAP, Manila (Philippinen)

100. GCA, Tiflis (Georgien)

101. The HARRY FOX AGENCY, New York (USA)

102. HDS-ZAMP, Zagreb (Kroatien)

103. JASRAC, Tokio (Japan)

104. KAZAK, Almaty (Kasachstan)

105. KCI, Jakarta (Indonesien)

106. KOMCA, Seoul (Südkorea)

107. LATGA-A, Vilnius (Litauen) via NCB

108. MACP, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysien)

109. MASA, Quatre Bornes (Mauritius)

110. MCPS, London (Großbritannien)

111. Mcsc, Beijing (Volksrepublick China)

112. MESAM, Istanbul (Türkei)

113. MUSICAUTOR, Sofia (Bulgarien)

114. NCB, Kopenhagen (Dänemark)

115. ONDA, Algier (Algerien)

116. OSA, Prag (Tschechische Republik)

117. RAO, Moskau (Russische Föderation)

118. SABAM, Brüssel (Belgien)

119. SACEM/SDRM, Paris (Frankreich)

120. SACM, Mexico-City (Mexiko)

121. SADAIC, Buenos Aires (Argentinien)

122. SAMRO, Johannesburg (Südafrika)

123. SAZAS, Ljubljana (Slowenien)

124. SCD, Santiago de Chile (Chile)

125. SGAE, Madrid (Spanien)

126. SIAE, Rom (Italien)

127. SODRAC, Montreal (Kanada)

128. SOKOJ, Belgrad (Serbien/Montenegro)

129. SOZA, Bratislava (Slowakische Republik)

130. SPA, Lissabon (Portugal)

131. SQN, Sarajewo (Bosnien und Herzegowina)

132. STEMRA, Hoofddorp (Niederlande)

133. SUISA, Zürich (Schweiz)

134. UACRR, Kiew (Ukraine)

135. UBC, Rio de Janeiro (Brasilien)

136. UCMR-ADA, Bukarest (Rumänien)

137. VCPMC, Hanoi (Vietnam)

138. ZAIKS, Warschau (Polen)

139. ADDAF, Rio de Janeiro (Brasilien)

140. AMAR, Rio de Janeiro (Brasilien)

141. LITERAR-MECHANA, Wien (Österreich)

142. MSG, Istanbul (Türkei)

143. SACVEN, Caracas (Venezuela)

144. SAYCO, Bogotá (Kolumbien)

145. SBACEM, Rio de Janeiro (Brasilien)

146. SBAT, Rio de Janeiro (Brasilien)

147. SESAC, New York (USA)

148. SICAM, São Paulo (Brasilien)

149. SOBODAYCOM, La Paz (Bolivien)

150. AMRA, Venice Fl. (USA)

Furthermore, is an Artists agency contract between artists Artist / Authorised Person and Ultra Music imperative of distress before Ultra Music can act for you.

Ultra Music currently accounts for between 15% and 25% placement commission.

1. If a contract is made through the agency of Ultra Music, the artist is paid a fixed fee, then Ultra Music does not get anything from the merch sale.

2. If a contract is concluded at a major festival by the mediation of Ultra Music, the artist is NOT charged, the artist nevertheless achieves a higher audience effectiveness/publicity and also gets a better merch sale than with smaller performances in venues Ultra Music, depending on the contractual conditions between 15% and 25% of the merch sale (net).

3. For door deals, depending on the contractual conditions, between 15% and 25% of all revenues generated in the evening (entry price plus merchandise net).

The commission is to be paid by the artist / the authorized representative after the performance, either in cash on the spot or to be transferred to the business account within 10 days.

Who this passage does not fit, should rather take from one application at Ultra Music distance.

The amount of the commission depends on the scope of services. Pure Booking 15%, as we expect all of the material from you. If we graphics, PDF files, information material, biographies. Contracts and much more. create, modify need to upgrade, these are additional services that the extra costs. Here you have to come together and find a reasonable and fair solution for both sides.

If the artist more than one person / booking agencies for the purpose of procuring performances commissioned the artist must provide suitable appointment management software so that double bookings, scheduling conflicts, etc. are excluded, which may close contract penalties may necessarily have a cross-platform and multi-user.

Please send everything by post / parcel service to the „Contact“  address below. Files such as photos, logos etc., will not break our mailbox, you must, to the following email address message:
booking [at] ultra-music [.] de

So you are applying the right place!

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